Baby Dinosaur Egg Wooden Puzzle


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Let the little one learn about dinosaurs and their names, and how they hatched from eggs.

The Baby Dinosaur Egg Wooden Puzzle is an engaging and educational toy that offers a delightful experience for children, making it an exceptional birthday gift. It embodies creativity, fun, and learning, all encapsulated within the intriguing world of dinosaurs.

Designed with a theme that resonates with children’s fascination with prehistoric creatures, this wooden puzzle features a baby dinosaur emerging from an egg. The bright colours and attractive design stimulate visual perception, while the wooden pieces provide a tactile experience.

The Baby Dinosaur Egg Wooden Puzzle is not merely a toy but a tool that fosters cognitive development, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. It encourages children to think spatially and logically as they work to assemble the puzzle, thus nurturing their intellectual growth.

As a birthday gift, the Baby Dinosaur Egg Wooden Puzzle stands out as a thoughtful and unique option that transcends mere amusement. Its educational value, coupled with its enchanting theme, positions it as a gift that can be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

Material: Wood
Dimensions (cm):  18 by 18 by 3