Ferris Wheel Activity Toy


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The Ferris Wheel Activity Toy is a colourful and dynamic toy designed to stimulate the baby’s senses and encourage playful exploration. This engaging toy features a suction base for secure placement on highchair trays and other smooth surfaces, making it ideal for keeping the baby entertained during meal times or while developing fine motor skills.

At the centre of the toy is a spinning Ferris wheel, adorned with a variety of textured spokes and seats in a spectrum of bright, eye-catching colours. The wheel is easy to spin, providing visual and tactile stimulation as the baby watches the patterns move and tries to grasp or bat at the wheel. Each segment of the wheel offers a different sensory experience, from bumpy ridges to smooth surfaces, which the baby can explore with their fingers.

The base of the Ferris Wheel Activity Toy is layered with multi-coloured rings, adding another element of play. The baby can practice coordination by spinning these rings around the base, each producing a satisfying sound and movement that is sure to delight.

This toy is an excellent choice for baby gifts, as it supports the baby’s development in various ways. It encourages cognitive development through cause and effect learning as the baby understands that their actions can make the wheel turn. Additionally, it promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development as the baby reaches for and manipulates the parts of the toy.

For those seeking newborn gifts, the Ferris Wheel Activity Toy is a gift that combines fun with functionality. It provides a playful learning environment that can be taken anywhere, enhancing the baby’s daily experiences with exploration and joy.

When included in a gift box, this activity toy stands out for its bright colours and multitude of uses. It is not just a toy but a tool for engagement and entertainment, offering an enjoyable way for the baby to develop important skills while they play.

The design of the Ferris Wheel Activity Toy is both modern and whimsical, with its gentle curves and friendly appearance. It’s a toy that can be enjoyed by the baby for many months, as it is robust and designed to withstand the enthusiasm of young users.

Overall, the Ferris Wheel Activity Toy is a delightful and educational addition to the baby’s collection of playthings, offering a fun and stimulating way to support their early development.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions (cm):  18 by 12 by 7