Shiny Star Soothing Cloth (Mint Green)


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The Shiny Star Soothing Cloth in mint green is a sensory accessory designed to provide comfort and stimulate tactile curiosity in babies. Its plush, velvety fabric features an engaging dotted texture, offering a variety of touch sensations for the baby to explore. Shaped as an irregular star, the cloth is easy for small hands to grip and hold, encouraging play and interaction with its soft and inviting feel.

At one tip of the star, a mint green teether is firmly attached, made from sturdy, baby-friendly materials ideal for providing relief during teething periods. Its star-like form and textured surface are crafted to gently massage the baby’s tender gums.

The cloth includes a selection of tags with diverse textures and colours, each designed to capture the baby’s attention and stimulate their fine motor skills. From smooth satin to grosgrain ribbon, the tags offer an assortment of tactile experiences that intrigue and entertain.

This Shiny Star Soothing Cloth is more than just a toy; it is a comforting friend for the baby. Its gentle mint green hue and engaging features make it an excellent choice for baby gifts or as considered gifts for newborns. The colour is chosen for its soothing qualities and gender-neutral appeal, ensuring its suitability for all babies.

Conveniently sized for portability, this cloth can accompany the baby on various outings, providing a familiar and soothing presence during stroller rides, car journeys, or nap times. It serves as a gentle and reassuring companion that can easily be kept close to the baby.

The star shape adds a playful element, while the mint green colour brings a fresh and modern aesthetic to the item. It stands out in a nursery or as part of the baby’s gear, adding a splash of colour and charm.

The Shiny Star Soothing Cloth in mint green combines the functionality of a teething toy with the comforting properties of a soft blanket. It encapsulates care and thoughtfulness, making it a charming and useful addition to any collection of baby gifts.

Dimension (CM): 26.5 x 26.5