Silicon Mobile Phone Pop-pop


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A contemporary tactile gadget designed for babies to explore, learn, and play. Styled to resemble a mobile phone, this toy is equipped with rows of colourful silicone buttons, each numbered from 0 to 9, with a “Hello” greeting embossed at the top.

The simple toy’s design encourages interactive play, with each button offering a soft, bouncy resistance that pops back after being pressed. This feature helps in developing the baby’s fine motor skills, providing a satisfying sensory experience as they push and feel the buttons pop. The action of the silicone buttons mimics the sensation of bubble wrap, known for its calming effects.

Each button is coloured differently, presenting an opportunity for the baby to learn and differentiate colours. The numerical embossing on the buttons aids in early number recognition, making the Silicon Mobile Phone Pop-pop toy an educational tool that introduces basic numeracy in a playful manner.

With a smooth, rounded design, the toy is comfortable for the baby to hold, and the size is suitable for little hands to navigate. It is constructed with durability in mind, able to withstand the rigours of daily play by curious infants.

The Silicon Mobile Phone Pop-pop toy is an engaging choice for gifts for newborn or as a staple in baby gifts, perfect for occasions like baby showers, first birthdays, or as a special surprise. It provides a playful learning experience and serves as an excellent option for parents looking to engage their babies in developmental play.

This toy can accompany the baby on various activities, easily fitting into a day bag or pram, ready to be used during travel, waiting times, or just at home. It can offer a distraction and entertainment, helping to fine-tune motor skills and sensory perception.

Dimension (CM): 12 x 6.3