Green Nature Nursing Cover
Green Nature Nursing Cover

Green Nature Nursing Cover


A comfortable & elastic cover for breastfeeding

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The Green Nature Nursing Cover emerges as a notably functional solution within the wide-ranging milieu of gifts for mummies, newborn gift ideas, and baby gifts. Constructed from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the cover combines the breathability of natural fibre with the stretchability of spandex, thus offering a comfortable and flexible shroud for breastfeeding in public spaces like cafes, restaurants, and shopping centres.

Primarily coloured in white, the Green Nature Nursing Cover is aesthetically versatile, seamlessly aligning with various apparel choices while also symbolising purity and cleanliness—a vital consideration for infant care. Its free-size specification further enhances its appeal by ensuring it is adaptable to diverse body types, thereby broadening its utility across a range of new mothers.

The cover is designed to accord both comfort and discretion, directly addressing the often-sensitive matter of public breastfeeding. This discreet feature enhances its standing as a considerate choice for baby showers, where prospective mothers might be looking for functional, yet subtle, baby care accessories.

Apart from its utility during breastfeeding, the cover’s flexible material and size also make it adaptable for various other uses. It can serve as a lightweight blanket, a sunshade over a baby stroller, or even a makeshift changing mat in emergencies, thereby extending its functionality beyond its primary purpose.

In summary, the Green Nature Nursing Cover encapsulates a rare blend of practicality and flexibility, making it a coveted option in the domain of gifts aimed at new and expectant mothers.

Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
Colour: White
Size: Free-Size