Author Cia Zhi Kai
Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 28 February, 2024
Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • A luxurious gift for your big boss
  • Loyal fans of Jellycat
  • Tons of personalisation with embroidery


  • Expensive and probably out of budget for most people
  • Lacking of gift items for mummy.

Our Verdict

This baby gift set presents a well-rounded selection of both practical and sentimental items, ensuring utility and comfort for the baby with a variety of bamboo muslin products and cozy blankets. Overall, this gift scores highly on gift mix, personalisation, packaging and company, making it a delightful and generous offering for both baby and mother. If you can afford this, it will definitely not fail to impress

Type of Gift: Gift Box
Best For:
Baby & Mum Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

The gift set impressively caters to both baby’s and mummy’s needs, striking a thoughtful balance between practicality and luxury. For the little one, there’s a delightful array of 15 items, spanning from cozy bamboo textiles like robes, swaddles, and a hooded towel, to engaging comforts such as the JellyCat bunny and teether. Each piece has been chosen with care, ensuring baby’s comfort and development are well-attended to.

For the wonderful mummy, the set includes a chic terrazzo insulation bag that blends style with function – perfect for on-the-go needs, and a natural soy wax candle to offer a serene and tranquil ambiance during those precious moments of downtime.

Scoring a 9.0 on the Gift Mix (Variety) scale reflects the set’s rich diversity. Just a few more pampering items for mummy could elevate this gift to the pinnacle of comprehensive gifting.

The generous quantity of 17 items in total earns a perfect Gift Mix (Quantity) score of 10, underscoring the set’s capacity to provide a full and satisfying unboxing experience. This gift isn’t just a collection of items; it’s a curated experience that celebrates the joy of new life and honors the mother’s journey.

Items For Baby

  1. Gingham Robe 
  2. Bamboo Muslin Swaddle x 2
  3. Bamboo Muslin Cloth x 3
  4. Bamboo Muslin Hooded Towel
  5. Cable Knit Blanket
  6. Polka Dot Blanket
  7. Baby Grow
  8. Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit
  9. JellyCat Bunny 
  10. Jellycat Bunny Comforter
  11. Sophie La Girafe Teether
  12. Welcome to the World (Hardback) Book

Items For Mummy

  1. Terrazzo Insulation Bag
  2. Natural Soy Wax Candle



Encased within the signature Lovingly Signed gift box, this present is a feast for the eyes even before the treasures within are revealed. The iconic light pastel Iceberg hue exudes a soft elegance, complemented by the simple yet sophisticated branding that whispers luxury. The box itself, tied neatly with a satin ribbon, adds to the anticipation and excitement of uncovering the curated selection of gifts inside. Accompanied by a matching Lovingly Signed paper bag, the packaging achieves a harmony of style and brand identity, rightfully earning a high score of 9.5 on the packaging scale.

Lovingly Signed Packaging



This gift box elevates the personal touch to new heights, with an outstanding 12 out of 15 baby items customisable to carry the unique identity of the newborn. Each piece can become a cherished keepsake, imbued with the baby’s name or a special message, creating an intimate connection between the gift and the recipient.

For mummy, the personalisation extends to one of the two items, offering a sense of uniqueness and thoughtfulness that generic gifts simply cannot match.

Such a degree of customisation is rare and valuable, marking this gift box as not just a collection of items, but a bespoke ensemble tailored to the recipients’ personal narrative. Thus, it effortlessly earns a perfect personalisation score of 10.

Lovingly Signed Name Embroidery



Lovingly Signed stands as a paragon of online customer satisfaction, boasting a stellar Google rating of 5.0 across a robust 223 reviews. This is no small feat – it’s a resounding endorsement of their commitment to excellence, reflecting a consistent history of exceeding customer expectations. Such a pristine reputation is the cornerstone of their online presence, justifying a high company (google reviews) score of 9.0.

When it comes to delivery, Lovingly Signed understands the essence of time in celebrating life’s precious moments. With their same-day delivery offering, they ensure that no moment is missed, scoring a company (shipping) score of 9.0. The only feather missing from their cap is the ability to schedule deliveries for a specific date, which would provide that last touch of convenience for forward-planning customers.

Customer support is the lifeblood of any thriving business. With a trifecta of communication channels—WhatsApp, phone, and email—they offer a seamless support experience, deserving a perfect 10.0 in the company (customer support) score.

In sum, these elements coalesce to form an overall company score of 9.4.

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We are a baby gift company in Singapore. Founded in 2018 by Adeline & Zhi Kai from their spare bedroom in Hougang, it has since delivered to thousands of babies and is rated by over 1320+ reviews on Google. We offer Build A Baby Gift Box, a personalised and customised gift. You can read more here.