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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 29 February, 2024
Le Petit Society Beary Fruity
Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • Abundance of gift items
  • High level of personalisation with embroidery


  • Limited delivery options such as same-day delivery
  • Lack of gift items for the mummy
  • Few google reviews and only email support

Our Verdict

With a custom gift box that whispers sophistication and the added personal touch of name personalisation on several items, this gift set scores well on packaging and personalisation. However, the collection does not extend its pampering reach to include the new mother, which would have enriched the overall offering. The brand’s logistical support, while accommodating store pickup, does not feature extensive delivery options, potentially narrowing convenience for some patrons. Additionally, customer support is streamlined through a contact form, suggesting room for enhancement in direct customer engagement. Despite the limited Google reviews, this gift set positions itself as a coveted ensemble for the baby, yet leaving a space for growth in encompassing the mother’s needs

Type of Gift: Gift Box
Best For:
Baby Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift set is a cornucopia of baby delights, boasting an impressive array of 10 items thus scoring a perfect 10 for Gift Mix (Quantity). However, the set exclusively caters to the baby, missing the opportunity to indulge the new mother with treats of her own, which reflects in the Gift Mix (Variety) score of 7.0.

While the baby’s needs are thoroughly celebrated with abundance of gift items, adding a few indulgences for the mother could transform this already luxurious set into the ultimate comprehensive gift, celebrating the entirety of the new family’s journey.

Le Petit Society Beary Fruity Content

Items For Baby

  1. Baby Organic Zip Sleepsuit in Avocado Print in size NB (Personalisable)
  2. Baby Organic Zip Sleepsuit in Rainbow Print in size 6-9M (Personalisable)
  3. Keepsake Baby Blanket in Seafoam (Personalisable)
  4. Bath Cape in White (Personalisable)
  5. Baby Organic Romper in Sun & Rainbow Print in size 1-3M (Personalisable)
  6. Organic Swaddle – Peach (Personalisable)
  7. Organic Swaddle – Bear (Personalisable)
  8. Organic Baby Knotted Hat in Sun & Rainbow Print in size 3M (Personalisable)
  9. Reversible Baby Bandana Bib in Seafoam & Cream (Personalisable)
  10. Bartholomew Bear Tiny by Jellycat

Items For Mummy




Encased in Le Petit Society’s signature gift boxes, the presentation is an invitation to a world of elegance and grace. The boxes, each adorned in a minimalist design of soft pastel peach and a stylish grid pattern, create a visual symphony of modern chic and classic simplicity. Each box, tied with a pristine white ribbon, offers not just a gift but an experience, a thoughtful introduction to the tender moments to follow.

The refined choice of colours and the understated yet sophisticated branding suggest a premium journey of discovery for both the giver and the receiver. Accompanying this visual delight, a personalised card conveys a heartfelt message, making each box not just a collection of items but a vessel of sentiment, deserving a resounding score of 9.5 for its harmonious blend of contemporary design and heartfelt emotion.

Le Petit Society Packaging



This gift set offers half of the 10 items the intimate touch of personalisation. With a selection that includes a range of sizes in organic zip sleep suits adorned with playful avocado and rainbow prints, a cozy keepsake blanket, and a snuggly bath cape, all of which can be embroidered with the baby’s name, this collection scores a high score of 9.0 for Personalisation. The personalisable elements infuse an extra layer of sentimentality, ensuring these items become cherished keepsakes.

Le Petit Society Personlisation



Le Petit Society, with its Google rating of 4.3 from 44 reviews, demonstrates a solid commitment to customer satisfaction. While this score reflects positive feedback, the modest number of reviews indicates there’s room for growth and a more extensive endorsement by customers, leading to a company (google reviews) score of only 7.0.

In terms of delivery, Le Petit Society’s services are somewhat restrained, lacking the option for same-day delivery, which positions them with a company (shipping) score of 7.0.

Customer support at Le Petit Society is streamlined through a contact form, which, while efficient, limits direct and immediate communication with the company, as there is no opportunity for real-time dialogue through phone or messaging services. This leads to a company (customer support) score of 7.0.

Overall, Le Petit Society earns a company score of 7.0.

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