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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 8 March, 2024
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Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • High level of personalisation with embroidery


  • Limited delivery options such as same-day delivery
  • Lack of gift items for the mummy
  • Few google reviews and only email support

Our Verdict

This gift manifests as a bespoke bedding gift set, presented in a gift box that boasts abundant personalisation options to create a unique and intimate sleeping environment for a child. Despite its personalised allure for the little one, the set lacks items specifically catered to the mother, which restricts its gifting scope. Although the Google rating stands impressively high at 5.0, it is based on a minimal number of reviews, just 9, which hardly constitutes a substantial endorsement. This might prompt some hesitation among potential buyers seeking proven satisfaction. Therefore, while the gift scores high on personalisation and visual appeal, it leaves room for improvements in inclusivity and service accessibility.

Type of Gift: Gift Box
Best For:
Baby Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift set, catering exclusively to infant needs, presents a trio of cosy, customisable items, designed to cradle a baby in comfort. The ensemble includes a personalised pillowcase with an insert, a bespoke bolster case, also with an insert, and a generous-sized, personalised big blanket complete with a tactile minky dot backing, dimensions measuring 89x102cm.

The fully customisable nature of these items rightly earns the set a score of 7.0 for Gift Mix (Variety), providing a unified, tailored aesthetic to a nursery. However, the absence of any items specifically for the mother results in a missed opportunity to appeal to the wider needs of the family, impacting the variety score.

For Gift Mix (Quantity), the offering scores a 6.0, reflecting the modest number of items included. Although the personalisation significantly adds to the gift’s emotional value, a few additional pieces could enhance the perceived abundance and variety of the set, crafting an even more comprehensive gift experience.

Items For Baby

  1. Personalised pillow case with insert.
  2. Personalised bolster case with insert
  3. Personalised big blanket with minky dot backing (89x102cm)

Items For Mummy




The packaging of this gift is both delightful and personal, meriting a decent score of 8.0 for its thoughtful presentation. The boxes are simple yet elegant, made from natural brown cardboard that gives a contemporary, eco-friendly vibe. Each box is adorned with a bespoke sleeve that is personalised, adding a charming and intimate touch to the gift. The personalised messages in a playful, informal font add to the sense of occasion, making the recipients feel truly special. This bespoke detail of the packaging elevates the unboxing experience, creating a connection between the sender and the receiver from the moment the gift is presented.

Label of Love Studio Gift Hamper Packaging



The personalisation aspect of this gift set is exemplary, deserving of a top score of 10 for Personalisation Score. Each of the three items within the set has been thoughtfully individualised. The gift offers a personalised pillow case with a snug insert, a bolster case, also with an insert, and a generously sized security blanket featuring a minky dot backing for a luxurious tactile experience.

Every piece is adorned with the child’s name, adding a unique and cherished dimension to these already beautiful items. The attention to detail extends to the packaging sleeve, which is also personalised, amplifying the special nature of the gift. This level of customisation ensures that the gift set is not just a product but a memorable keepsake, celebrating the individuality of the recipient.

Label of Love Studio Personlisation



With a perfect Google rating of 5, yet based on a limited number of 9 reviews, the Company (Google Reviews) Score is 7.0. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction among the reviewers, though the small review count suggests a need for a broader customer feedback base to solidify its reputation.

Regarding shipping, the company has earned a score of 7.0. While the available delivery options may not be extensive, the score reflects that the existing services are satisfactory to meet the standard expectations.

The Company (Customer Support) Score is also set at 7.0, acknowledging the provision of support through email. While this channel can offer thorough and documented communication, the absence of immediate or more diverse contact methods such as phone or live chat may limit the promptness and accessibility of customer service.

Overall, the company providing this personalised gift set achieves an overall company score of 7.0.

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