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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 5 March, 2024
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Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • Tons of tonics for mummy
  • Eu Yan Sang fan’s favourite
  • Scheduled delivery available


  • Lack of personalisation
  • Lack of gift items for the newborn

Our Verdict

This gift hamper presents itself with a touch of luxury, seemingly perfect for pampering new mothers with a generous assortment of tonics, though it provides somewhat less for their little ones. The packaging hints at a premium quality. However, the lack of personalisation options suggests a missed opportunity to tailor the experience to individual tastes and preferences. The abundance of delivery choices, including the convenience of selecting a specific delivery date, is a significant plus, enhancing the appeal of this hamper. In essence, while this hamper aims to hit a note of indulgence, particularly for mums, the lower Google rating suggests there is room for improvement to fulfil its premium promise completely.

Type of Gift: Gift Hamper
Best For:
Mummy Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift set offers a distinct selection tailored primarily for the new mother, with a single baby item, the SkipHop Playtime Bandana Buddies Activity Giraffe, creating an imbalance in the variety score. As none of the items are personalisable, it limits the set’s ability to offer a unique, customised experience. Despite this, it still achieves a Gift Mix (Variety) score of 8.0, reflecting the thought put into choosing high-quality products for maternal well-being.

The Gift Mix (Quantity) score of 9.0 considered the inclusion of boxes of tonics—each box containing six individually packed portions—adds considerable substance to the hamper. The collection features a bottle of Euphoria Longana Honey and eighteen bottles of nourishing bird’s nest in various forms, including Superior Bird’s Nest with Wild American Ginseng, Quality Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar, and Premium Peach Gum Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar). These wellness-oriented choices underscore the hamper’s focus on postnatal care, providing substantial nutritional support for the mother. Although the quantity is weighted towards wellness products, the variety within this theme is notable, positioning the hamper as a thoughtful offering for maternal health.

Items For Baby

  1. SkipHop Playtime Bandana Buddies – Activity Giraffe

Items For Mummy

  1. One (1) Bottle x Euphoria Longana Honey 500g
  2. Six (6) Bottles x Superior Bird’s Nest with Wild American Ginseng 70g
  3. Six (6) Bottles x Quality Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar 70g will be replaced by Superior Bird’s Nest
  4. Six (6) Bottles x Premium Peach Gum Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar) 70g



The packaging of this gift is exemplary, scoring a full 10 for its packaging score. The items are beautifully arranged in a classic, deep green gift box that exudes a sense of traditional elegance. The box’s robust construction and polished finish not only ensure the contents are securely housed. It’s clear that meticulous attention has been paid to the visual harmony of the products within, as they are displayed against the contrasting vibrant box interior. Even as it comes in a gift box, it is packed and wrapped like a typical hamper, thus also add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Overall, the packaging is designed not just to protect its contents but to also serve as a beautiful storage box for jewellery etc, offering a visual feast that promises to delight any recipient.

Below is a photo of a similarly packed gift hamper.

Eu Yan Sang Gift Box Packaging



The personalisation aspect of this gift set is non-existance, reflected in a low personalisation score of 6.0. Personalisation can transform a gift from merely thoughtful to deeply sentimental, and this set does not utilise that opportunity to its full potential. As it stands, the gift set maintains a level of formality and standardisation, which may be appropriate for some gifting scenarios but lacks the individualised consideration often sought in personal gifts.



The company behind this gift presents a mixed but generally positive image. The Company (Google Reviews) Score is 7.0, which, suggests room for improvement; a Google rating of 3.8 based on 20 reviews points to some customer reservations.

However, the Company (Shipping) Score is a perfect 10, showcasing the company’s strength in logistical operations. It stands out with its offer of scheduled delivery, allowing customers the flexibility to choose a specific delivery date, aligning with the convenience and planning needs of the modern consumer.

Customer service is robust, with the Company (Customer Support) Score reaching an impressive 9.0. The provision of support through both phone and email channels ensures that customer queries are likely to be handled efficiently and effectively, reflecting the company’s commitment to accessible and responsive customer care.

In summary, while there are areas to enhance based on customer feedback on Google, the company excels in shipping flexibility and customer service as indicated by its overall company score of 8.7.

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