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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 5 March, 2024
Diaper Cake Avenue Jellycat Premium Personalised Diaper Cake Boy Review Banner
Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • Presentable packaging in a cake format
  • Includes personalisation options


  • Lack of delivery options
  • Lack of gift items for the mummy

Our Verdict

This gift strikes a good balance between quality and cost. As a diaper cake, it stands out as a creative and practical gift, offering both novelty and utility. Personalisation options add a special touch, allowing for a bespoke element that enhances its sentimental value. However, it misses an opportunity to cater to new mothers, focusing solely on the baby’s needs. While the absence of same-day delivery narrows its convenience slightly, the company’s stellar Google rating of 5.0, backed by an impressive 826 reviews, speaks volumes of its credibility and customer satisfaction. Overall, this gift is an attractive choice for those seeking a thoughtful and customisable baby gifting option.

Type of Gift: Diaper Cake
Best For:
Baby Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift set offers a well-rounded selection of items for a newborn, with a variety of essentials that make it a practical and thoughtful offering. It includes a substantial quantity of 24 Merries Disposable Diapers in size S, or 20 in size M, which are a staple for any new parent. The set also features a baby romper and a cotton swaddle blanket, both of which can be personalised with the baby’s name, adding a lovely touch of individuality to these soft and snug pieces.

Notably, there are different plush toys and swaddle blankets to be selected based on your preference.

However, the absence of items specifically for the mother results in a Gift Mix (Variety) score of 7.0. The overall Gift Mix (Quantity) is commendable with a score of 8.0, reflective of the number and utility of the items included.

Items For Baby

  1. 24 pcs x Merries Disposable Diapers in S size (or 20pcs in size M)
  2. Plush Toy
  3. Baby Romper with Personalised Name
  4. Cotton Swaddle Blanket with Personalised Name
  5. Baby Feeding Bib
  6. Baby Socks
  7. Baby Soft Sole Pre-walker Shoes

Items For Mummy




This hamper from Simply Hamper is attractively presented in a traditional wicker hamper, lined with a charming gingham fabric in a classic blue and white check, adding a touch of rustic charm. The hamper is adorned with a matching gingham ribbon bow, lending an air of countryside elegance. Within the hamper, the products are nestled in an organic-themed box.

With its harmonious combination of natural textures and comforting, pastoral visuals, the packaging achieves a superb packaging score of 10, reflecting a well-considered design that is both pleasing to the eye and suggests a premium unboxing experience.

Diaper Cake Avenue Packaging



This gift set thoughtfully includes the option for personalisation on two of its seven items, allowing for an intimate and customised gifting experience. The ability to add the baby’s name to the soft cotton romper and the cosy swaddle blanket transforms these items from mere necessities into treasured keepsakes.

This level of customisation is highly appreciated by gift recipients, as it adds a unique, personal element that is likely to be cherished long after the baby outgrows them. Scoring a 9.0 for the Personalisation score, this set clearly places a high value on the individual touch, making it an endearing choice for a thoughtful and memorable present.

Diaper Cake Avenue Personlisation



The company behind this gift has established a formidable reputation, as evidenced by a perfect Company (Google Reviews) Score of 10, buoyed by an outstanding Google rating of 5.0 from an impressive 826 reviews. This suggests a consistent track record of customer satisfaction and reliable product quality.

However, the Company (Shipping) Score receives a 7.0, reflective of the limited delivery options available, notably the absence of same-day delivery service which may impact the convenience for some customers.

On the support front, the company excels with a Company (Customer Support) Score of 10. The availability of comprehensive customer support through phone, email, and messaging apps indicates a strong commitment to customer service, ensuring help is readily available and communication is streamlined.

Overall, with these considerations, the company achieves a commendable overall Company Score of 9.1.

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