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Updated On: 3 April, 2024
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Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • A well-balanced gift box for baby & mummy
  • Value for money


  • Quite generic and lack uniqueness
  • Lack of personalisation options
  • Delivery options are limited

Our Verdict

This gift hamper, priced at $80, positions itself as a cost-effective choice, offering a varied selection of products without personalisation. It includes items for both the baby and mother, though it may not hit the mark for those seeking a tailored touch. The delivery options show flexibility in selecting a date at checkout, yet it’s restricted to a two-working-day window from the chosen date, which might not suit all. The Google rating stands at 4.1, a moderate score given the small pool of only 20 reviews. This could indicate the need for improved experiences or wider customer engagement. Overall, the hamper delivers on value and variety, with room to improve in customer engagement and delivery agility, presenting a fair option for those prioritising value and a broad product mix.

Type of Gift: Gift Hamper
Best For:
Baby & Mummy Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

The gift hamper comprises a thoughtful selection for both baby and mum, rating highly on variety and quantity with scores of 9.0 each.

It includes a mix of practical and playful items for the little one, such as a pair of baby shoes, a jumbo milk powder container, a four-piece clothing set, an educational toy, a soft toy, and two packets of Drypers diapers. For mum, the hamper offers a duo of nourishing Brand’s Essence bottles and a comforting Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Rock Sugar, providing wellness benefits during the postnatal period.

The absence of personalisation options might limit the emotional connection of the gifts, but the overall mix ensures a balance between utility and delight for both mother and child.

Items For Baby

  1. Baby Shoe
  2. Jumbo Milk Powder Container
  3. 4 Pcs Clothing Set
  4. Educational Toy
  5. Soft Toy
  6. Drypers X 2

Items For Mummy

  1. Brand Essence X 2
  2. Bird nest With White Fungus And Rock Sugar 



This gift hamper’s packaging is thoughtfully designed with two distinct options, catering to a new arrival’s gender.

For a baby girl, the hamper is presented in a delightful pink box that earns a perfect score of 10 for its eye-catching appeal. This pink box promises a world of warmth and care inside, with its pastel shade complementing the tender contents.

Should the gift be for a baby boy, the packaging transitions to a serene blue, featuring the welcoming words “Hello Boy” across the box, equally scoring a 10 for its thoughtful design.

Both variations are a testament to the hamper’s dedication to celebrate new life, brimming with essentials for the baby, pampering items for the mother, and the added cheer of a plush toy, all nestled within the colour-coded box that speaks directly to the joyous occasion.

Below is a photo of a similarly packed gift hamper.

Joaquim Florist & Gifts Gift Hampers Packaging



The gift hamper offers a variety of items but falls short in the personalisation department, meriting a score of 6.0. It’s a collection that, despite its quality, doesn’t leverage the ability to personalise, which can often make a gift feel much more special. The hamper’s generic presentation misses a chance to add a unique touch that personalisation brings, making it a missed opportunity for creating a truly memorable gift.



This company’s overall score is 7.8, with mixed results across different areas.

Its Google Reviews score is 7.0, based on a modest 4.1 rating from 20 reviews, suggesting there’s room for improvement in customer satisfaction.

The shipping score is also 7.0, as the company offers a delivery date choice but doesn’t guarantee delivery on that exact date—instead, delivery is within two days of the chosen date, limiting flexibility.

Customer support is stronger, scoring 9.0, with phone and email options available, although support via messaging apps is lacking.

Overall, while the company shows potential, particularly in customer service, there’s a need for better delivery options and an improved online rating to enhance their reputation.

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