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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 1 March, 2024
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Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • Fans of Gaia Baby’s organic skincare products
  • Scheduled delivery available


  • Lack of personalisation
  • Lack of gift items for the mummy
  • Fair google rating of 4.0

Our Verdict

This premium hamper, brimming with organic baby care items and cute apparel, prioritises infant comfort with a stylish presentation. However, it falls short by not offering items for mothers or personalisation. Despite this, its flexible delivery scheduling is a plus. The concern comes from its modest 4.0 Google rating from 99 reviews, hinting at customer satisfaction issues. Thus, the hamper shines in quality and delivery but could improve in customisation and maternal inclusion.

Type of Gift: Gift Hamper
Best For:
Baby Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

While the assortment is plentiful and covers a wide range of baby care needs, earning an 8.0 for Gift Mix (Quantity) score, the absence of items specifically for the mother affects its variety score, which is a 7.0 for Gift Mix (Variety) score.

The gift set presents a comprehensive collection aimed exclusively at baby care with seven different items, focusing on hygiene and comfort. It includes a variety of Gaia Baby products such as Natural Baby Powder along with a Shears Organic 2-piece gift set.

The set is well-rounded for the baby but misses the mark in catering to the new mother’s needs for a more balanced offering.

Items For Baby

  1. Gaia Baby – Natural Baby Powder 100g
  2. Gaia Baby -Baby Massage Oil 125ml
  3. Gaia Baby – Soothing Cream 100ml
  4. Gaia Baby – Hair & Body Wash 200ml
  5. Gaia Baby – Moisturiser 250ml
  6. Gaia Baby – Bamboo Baby Wipes 80’s
  7. Shears Organic 2 Pcs Gift Set

Items For Mummy




This hamper from Simply Hamper is attractively presented in a traditional wicker hamper, lined with a charming gingham fabric in a classic blue and white check, adding a touch of rustic charm. The hamper is adorned with a matching gingham ribbon bow, lending an air of countryside elegance. Within the hamper, the products are nestled in an organic-themed box.

With its harmonious combination of natural textures and comforting, pastoral visuals, the packaging achieves a superb packaging score of 10, reflecting a well-considered design that is both pleasing to the eye and suggests a premium unboxing experience.

Simply Hamper Packaging



Regarding personalisation, this gift set does not offer any bespoke options. The seven items and the packaging come as they are, without the possibility to add a personal touch.

Consequently, it receives a 6.0 for Personalisation Score, indicating there is significant room to enhance the personal connection that customisation can bring to a gift.



Regarding the company score, the composite score reflects various aspects of customer service and satisfaction.

The Company (Google Reviews) Score is a low 7.0, anchored by a Google rating of 4.0 across 99 reviews, indicating a lacklustre reputation.

The Company (Shipping) Score is exemplary, achieving the full 10 marks. This high rating is due to the flexibility offered to customers, who can schedule deliveries for specific dates, an invaluable feature that enhances the purchasing experience.

Customer support is nearly impeccable, scoring a 9.0. The company’s dedication to customer service is evident as they offer support through both phone and email, ensuring that customers have multiple channels for assistance should they need it.

Collectively, these factors contribute to an overall Company Score of 8.7.

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