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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 8 March, 2024
Hatchery Cribs Baby & Mom Care Gift Set Review Banner
Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • Good number of items for baby and mummy
  • Excellent ratings on Google


  • Limited delivery options but self-collection is possible
  • Lack of personalisation options

Our Verdict

As a comprehensive package that includes essentials for both baby and mother, it is an all-in-one gifting solution. However, the lack of personalisation options could be seen as a drawback for those looking to give a bespoke gift with a personal touch. When it comes to delivery, the options are somewhat basic, however self-collection is possible upon contacting the store. The company’s sterling Google rating of 5 from a robust number of 837 reviews instils confidence in their service and product satisfaction.

Type of Gift: Gift Box
Best For:
Baby & Mummy Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift set offers a substantial variety of eight items for a baby and one for the mother, earning it a score of 8.0 for Gift Mix (Variety). The assortment for the little one includes practical and engaging items such as a Hatched Washcloth Set, a cozy Hatched Hooded Bath Towel, a choice of a Hatched Silicone Feeding Bib or Baby Lovey Soother in a rainbow theme, along with a Cho Waterproof Wet Bag and Portable Changing Mat for on-the-go convenience. The inclusion of Baby’s First Cloth Book, a Bedtime Story Picture Book, and a Baby Board Book ensures a stimulating and educational angle to the baby’s collection.

For the mummy, the gift features the Elvie Catch, a thoughtful inclusion that’s likely aimed at supporting the nursing phase, thus enhancing the set’s overall utility and appeal.

With a perfect score of 10 for Gift Mix (Quantity), this set clearly provides a generous number of items, though the balance is heavily skewed towards the baby’s needs with less focus on the mother’s, which influences the variety score. The absence of personalisation on all items might detract from the gift’s individual appeal, yet the quantity and quality of the contents offer a comprehensive package that covers essential baby care and development needs.

Items For Baby

  1. Hatched Washcloth Set (Set of 5)
  2. Hatched Hooded Bath Towel
  3. Hatched Silicone Feeding Bib or Baby Lovey Soother (Rainbow)
  4. Cho Waterproof Wet Bag (40 x 30cm)
  5. Cho Portable Changing Mat (50 x 70cm)
  6. Baby’s First Cloth Book
  7. Bedtime Story Picture Book
  8. Baby Board Book

Items For Mummy

  1. Elvie Catch



The gift packaging displays a clean and contemporary design, achieving an impressive score of 9.0 for its packaging. The box itself is a stylish affair, adorned with a playful, abstract motif featuring a fresh colour palette of pastel hues against a crisp white background, lending it a modern, gender-neutral appeal.

The “Hatched by Hatchery Cribs” branding is elegantly understated, adding a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the design’s playful elements. The overall aesthetic suggests care and thoughtfulness, indicating that what lies within is curated with attention to detail and quality.

Completing the presentation is a protective plastic covering, ensuring the gift arrives in immaculate condition, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence from packaging to product. The packaging’s high score is well-deserved, as it creates anticipation and promises a delightful unboxing experience for the recipient.

Hatchery Cribs Gift Box Packaging



The personalisation aspect of this gift set is absent, with none of the ten items featuring the option for that special individual touch, hence it achieves a score of 6.0 for Personalisation Score. Personalisation can significantly elevate a gift, making it a unique and cherished keepsake that resonates personally with the recipient. The absence of this option means the set, while possibly high in quality and variety, misses the mark in offering the deep sentimental connection that comes with customisation. As it stands, the gift set offers a standardised experience that, although practical and likely appreciated, lacks the personal flair that could make it truly memorable.



The Company (Google Reviews) Score is outstanding, attaining the maximum of 10, backed by a superb Google rating of 5.0 from a substantial total of 837 reviews, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and confidence in their service.

Shipping options, however, receive a more moderate score of 7.0. While the company does not provide a wide range of delivery choices, they do accommodate self-collection, which adds a degree of flexibility for the customer.

Customer support is another strong suit, with a score of 9.0. The company offers comprehensive support through phone and email, demonstrating a commitment to accessible and responsive communication with customers.

Altogether, the company shows a robust dedication to customer service excellence, though there’s room to broaden delivery choices, balancing the impressive ratings and support with enhanced logistical options. The company’s performance is commendable, as reflected in its aggregate company score of 8.7.

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