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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 3 April, 2024
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Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • A simple (maybe too simple) hamper with the milk bottles from Phillips Avent as the main focus.


  • Lacks of variety
  • Lack of personalisation options
  • Limited number of gift items

Our Verdict

This hamper comes across as a simple (perhaps bland) choice for a gift, featuring a practical selection that balances baby needs with a nod to the mum. The absence of personalisation means it misses a chance for a personal touch, which could be a downside for those looking for a more bespoke offering. Despite this, the hamper scores points for its variety, ensuring that both baby and mother are considered. The company provides ample delivery options, including the convenience of selecting a specific date, which adds to its appeal. However, a google rating of 3.6 based on 90 reviews does raise some concerns about consistency and customer satisfaction. Overall, it’s a practical but perhaps uninspiring choice, somewhat let down by its online feedback score.

Type of Gift: Gift Hamper
Best For:
Baby & Mummy Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

The gift set scores highly for variety, at 9.0, offering a well-selected mix suitable for both baby and mum. However, it scores a little lower at 7.0 for quantity, perhaps indicating that while the items are diverse, there could be more included.

Notably, there’s a focus on practicality for the infant with the inclusion of a Natural New Born Starter Set from Phillips Avent, ensuring the baby’s basic needs are met stylishly. For comfort, a Shears Neck Cushion in an adorable bee design adds a cozy touch. The set is complemented by flowers, bringing a burst of natural beauty and a touch of thoughtfulness. Personalisation isn’t available, which could make the gift feel less intimate or tailored, but the overall selection is considerate and useful.

Items For Baby

  1. Natural New Born Starter Set from Phillips Avent

Items For Mummy

  1. Shears Neck Cushions-Bee
  2. Seasonal Flowers



The gift’s packaging exudes a bright and cheerful aura, aptly scoring a full 10. It’s presented in a woven basket, adding a rustic charm. Nestled within is a delightful collection that includes a plush yellow bee neck pillow, which immediately catches the eye with its inviting smile.

This hamper’s visual appeal is enhanced by its vibrant, sun-inspired colour palette, promising to deliver warmth and joy to the recipient. The basket, while practical, doesn’t sacrifice style, making it an all-round excellent choice for a gift that’s as beautiful to look at as it is useful.

Below is a photo of a similarly packed gift hamper.

Angelflorist Gift Hamper Packaging



This gift hamper brings together an array of items yet lacks the personal touch of customisation, reflected in its personalisation score of 6.0. While the contents are considerate, the absence of customisable options means the hamper doesn’t quite reach its full potential for sentimental value. Its standard presentation, although neatly packaged, foregoes the special, individualised detail that could elevate it from a thoughtful present to an unforgettable keepsake.



The company’s performance is evaluated across three main areas: Google Reviews, Shipping, and Customer Support. With a Google Reviews score of 7.0, the company’s rating is on the lower end at 3.6, based on 90 reviews, suggesting there might be some areas needing attention.

Shipping efficiency is a strong suit for the company, meriting a perfect score of 10. This is thanks to the option for customers to schedule deliveries on dates that suit them, demonstrating a customer-friendly approach.

In terms of customer support, the company does quite well, scoring 9.0. While support is available through traditional channels like phone and email, the absence of messaging app support slightly impacts the score.

Overall, with an aggregate company score of 8.7, the company shows a commendable commitment to service, despite a moderate online reputation indicated by Google Reviews.

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