Make-A-Sandwich Wooden Toy


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The Make-A-Sandwich Wooden Toy serves as a tactile introduction to the culinary world, making it a sought-after birthday gift for young chefs and food enthusiasts. Encapsulating the fun process of sandwich-making, the set contains a diverse range of wooden ingredients and bread slices. The design encourages children to mix and match various components, allowing them to create an array of imaginative sandwich concoctions.

The set includes a variety of wooden sandwich ingredients, such as bread slices, lettuce, cheese, and tomato, all crafted from wood with attention to detail. Each piece features bright colours and simple designs that are appealing to the eye and easy for toddlers to identify.

Designed for small hands, the pieces are substantial enough to be easily manipulated, promoting fine motor skill development as the child stacks and unstacks the sandwich components. The act of assembling the sandwich in accordance with the included ‘order’ cards introduces the concept of following instructions and pattern recognition, thereby encouraging cognitive development.

This interactive toy also fosters imaginative play, as the child can pretend to be a chef, a shopkeeper, or a customer, thus enhancing creative thinking and role-play skills. The variety of pieces allows for multiple combinations, ensuring that the play experience is fresh each time and that the child remains engaged.

The Make-A-Sandwich Wooden Toy comes with a central dowel that serves to hold the sandwich together once completed, adding an element of realism to the pretend play. It’s a simple yet effective way to teach the child about balance and structure.

The Make-A-Sandwich Wooden Toy is an excellent tool for interactive learning. Through play, the child can learn about different types of food, develop hand-eye coordination, and begin to understand the concept of sequence and order. It is a toy that combines educational value with fun, offering a hands-on approach to learning that is both effective and enjoyable.

Whether given as a birthday gift or simply as a new addition to playtime, this wooden toy is a thoughtful and engaging choice for any toddler, promising hours of fun and educational play.

Items Included: 8 Wooden Pieces, 10 Sequence Cards
Dimensions (cm):  9.3 by 8.5 by 7.5