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Personalised Soft Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel


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Suitable for newborn till 2 year olds.

Made From Super Soft Bamboo Fabric

The Personalised Soft Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel is fabricated from organic natural bamboo with a density of 500gsm, the towel offers a blend of softness and durability.

One of the standout features of this product is its natural hypoallergenic properties. The bamboo material is naturally resistant to odours and is free from harmful chemicals, prioritising the health and comfort of the child. This makes the towel a practical and reliable choice in the broader category of baby gifts.

Huge Hooded Towel

It is dimensionally measured at 89 cm by 89 cm, providing ample coverage for infants through to five-year-olds. The towel is machine-washable, making it easy to maintain and contributing to its longevity.

Personalised with Name Embroidery

Adding a personal touch, the towel includes name embroidery. This customisation aspect enhances its appeal as a newborn gift, making it a unique and personalised option that stands out in the baby gifts landscape. The inclusion of a hood further adds to its functionality, ensuring that the child remains comfortably wrapped and warm post-bath.

With its combination of functional attributes such as hypoallergenic features and a hood, alongside the aesthetic appeal of personalised embroidery, the Personalised Soft Bamboo Hooded Bath Towel makes for an ideal selection for baby showers and a valuable addition to any list of newborn gift ideas. Overall, it offers both immediate utility and enduring value, meeting the various needs and preferences that one may have when considering baby gifts.

Material: Organic natural bamboo (500gsm)
Dimensions (cm):  89 by 89
Washing Instruction: Machine-Washable