Wooden Fishing Set


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The Wooden Fishing Set is a comprehensive play set designed to offer both educational and recreational value for children. This all-inclusive set features a wooden boat, 16 wooden fish figurines, and 2 fishing rods equipped with magnetic ends. Notably, the wooden boat serves a dual function, acting as both a play item and a storage box for the fish and rods. The set makes for an excellent choice for various gift-giving occasions, such as baby first birthday.

Constructed from high-quality, non-toxic wood, the set is engineered for both durability and safety. The wooden fish and boat offer tactile engagement, aiding in the development of fine motor skills, while the magnetic fishing rods provide opportunities to improve hand-eye coordination. The entire play experience introduces foundational concepts in both physics (magnetism) and math (counting and sorting), thereby elevating the Wooden Fishing Set from a simple toy to an educational resource.

The set’s dual functionality—serving both as a play set and a storage unit—ensures practical convenience for parents, while offering an engaging, multi-faceted play experience for children. This combination of features meets the expectations of parents looking for a toy that is both entertaining and educational.

In summary, the Wooden Fishing Set offers a unique blend of entertainment and educational benefits, making it a compelling choice for those searching for a meaningful baby shower gift or exploring newborn gift ideas. With its immediate play value and long-term developmental benefits, this set is a valuable addition to any child’s collection of educational toys.

Includes: 1 Wooden Boat, 16 Wooden Fishes, 2 Wooden Fishing Rods.
Material: Wood
Dimensions (CM): 24 x 11.5 x 7.5