Baby Beanie and Mittens (White)


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The Baby Beanie and Mittens set in pristine white is an essential combo designed to offer warmth and comfort to the baby. The beanie features adorable little ears, adding a touch of playful charm to this snug accessory. Crafted with soft fabric, both the beanie and mittens are gentle for the baby’s delicate skin, providing cozy insulation from cooler temperatures.

Designed with the baby’s comfort in mind, the mittens ensure little hands are kept warm and safe from self-inflicted scratches, with their natural wriggles and movements. The elastic cuffs are made to be comfortably secure, ensuring the mittens stay in place without constricting delicate wrists.

The set’s clean white hue offers a classic and versatile addition to any of the baby’s outfits, making it a perfect fit for all occasions. Its neutral colour ensures these accessories can become a go-to in the baby’s daily wear, adaptable to any setting.

As presents, the white Baby Beanie and Mittens set is an ideal selection, suitable for baby gifts or as thoughtful gestures for newborns. They provide essential comfort, enveloping the baby in a gentle warmth from their first days.

More than simple garments, the beanie and mittens are a soft bundle of joy, contributing a subtle elegance to the baby’s appearance while offering the tender care and warmth they require in their earliest stages.

Material: Cotton