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Written by: Cia Zhi Kai
Updated On: 9 May, 2024
Simply Hamper Mum’s Blue Basket with Balloon Review Banners
Reviewed based on Scoring System 1.0
Gift Mix (Variety)
Gift Mix (Quantity)

Best For

  • A well-balanced gift for both mummy and baby
  • Scheduled delivery available


  • Lack of personalisation
  • Fair google rating of 4.0

Our Verdict

This gift hamper presents a thoughtful assortment of items for both the new mother and baby. It includes Bird’s Nest with Ginseng & Rock Sugar, Longan & Red Date Tea, a Shears Muji 4-piece Gift Set, a Baby K Fleece Blanket, a Marcus & Marcus Snack Bowl, and assorted balloons. But as usual with many gfit hamers, personalisation options are absent. The plentiful delivery options, including the ability to select a specific delivery date, add to the convenience. However, the moderate Google rating of 4.0 based on 98 reviews raises some concerns about consistency. Overall, this hamper is a solid choice for those seeking a practical yet thoughtful gift.

Type of Gift: Gift Hamper
Best For:
Baby & Mummy Gift



Gift Mix (Variety & Quantity)

This gift hamper offers a balanced mix of items that cater to both mother and baby, achieving a score of 9.0 for Gift Mix (Variety) and 8.0 for Gift Mix (Quantity). While none of the items are personalisable, the comprehensive mix ensures that both mother and baby are well cared for, making this gift set a versatile and practical choice.

Items For Baby

  1. Shears Muji 4 pcs Gift Set – Gray Zebra
  2. Baby K Fleece Blanket – Blue
  3. Marcus & Marcus -Snack Bowl
  4. Assorted Non- Helium Balloon

Items For Mummy

  1. Bird’s Nest with Ginseng & Rock Sugar 2 x70ml
  2. SpaFoods -Longan & Red Date Tea 15 x 12g sachets per pack



The packaging of this gift hamper is impeccable, achieving a perfect score of 10 for its presentation. Each item is beautifully arranged in a classic white wicker basket lined with a blue gingham fabric, exuding a charming and timeless aesthetic.

Topped with a playful blue rocking horse balloon, the hamper immediately signals its celebratory purpose. A soft, striped fleece blanket is tied neatly with a pink ribbon, further enhancing the inviting presentation. The pastel colour palette, combined with the meticulous arrangement of the items, creates a visually appealing display that speaks to the premium quality of the gift.

Overall, the thoughtful and cohesive packaging not only protects the contents but also elevates the gifting experience, promising to delight any recipient.

Simply Hamper Mum’s Blue Basket with Balloon Gift Hamper Packaging



In terms of personalisation, this gift set does not include any bespoke options. The seven items and their packaging are presented as is, without the opportunity to add a personal touch. As a result, it receives a Personalisation Score of 6.0, highlighting considerable room for improvement in enhancing the personal connection that customisation can bring to a gift.



The company score is a composite measure reflecting various aspects of customer service and satisfaction.

The Company (Google Reviews) Score is a modest 7.0, based on a Google rating of 4.0 across 98 reviews, indicating a less-than-stellar reputation.

However, the Company (Shipping) Score is exemplary, achieving a perfect 10. This high rating is due to the flexibility offered to customers, who can schedule deliveries for specific dates—a valuable feature that enhances the purchasing experience.

Customer support is a 9.0. The company provides assistance through both phone and email, ensuring customers have multiple channels for help if needed.

Collectively, these factors contribute to an overall Company Score of 8.7.

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