Little Bear Baby Bib (Blue)


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Designed with an internal waterproof layer for optimal comfort, the Little Bear Baby Bib (Blue) distinguishes itself as a unique and versatile selection in the diverse market of newborn gifts. Boasting a captivating bear design and a gentle blue hue, the bib harmoniously blends visual allure with functional utility, making it a prime choice for baby shower gifts and a notable mention among newborn gift ideas.

Crafted from highly absorbent material, the bib excels in both comfort and effectiveness. Its internal waterproof layer not only protects a newborn’s delicate skin but also efficiently contains any food spillage during meals. This dual function transforms the bib from merely an ornamental piece to an indispensable item in the baby gifts category, thereby fulfilling the real-world needs of new parents.

Incorporating an adjustable fastening system, the bib can be resized to accommodate a child’s growth, ensuring the product’s long-term usability. This adaptability lends it a unique edge in the field of newborn gifts.

Whether you’re seeking a chic yet utilitarian gift for a baby shower or researching newborn gift ideas, this bib offers both immediate practicality and lasting sentimental value.

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions (cm):  27 by 19
Washing Instruction: Hand-wash in warm water