Wooden Mini Fruits Sorting Set


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Introduce your little ones to the world of fruits with our Wooden Mini Fruits Sorting Set! This adorable play-set includes 6 different types of fruits and a wooden tray for sorting, counting and matching. This set is perfect for promoting imaginative play and fine motor skills development.

The Wooden Mini Fruits Sorting Set is an engaging and educational toy designed to promote cognitive development in children aged 3 and above. This set offers a playful introduction to the colourful world of fruits, making it an excellent choice for a birthday gift.

Featuring an assortment of beautifully carved miniature fruits, this set facilitates a hands-on learning experience. Each fruit piece is painted with vibrant colours to provide a delightful visual experience for children. The smooth, rounded edges of the fruit pieces ensure a safe playing environment for the little ones.

Children are encouraged to sort, match, and identify the various fruit pieces, fostering their fine motor skills, colour recognition, and vocabulary development. These activities also boost critical thinking skills, as children determine the characteristics that classify each fruit.

The Wooden Mini Fruits Sorting Set is an appealing and practical birthday gift idea that merges learning with fun.

Celebrating the joy of learning through play, this charming Wooden Mini Fruits Sorting Set is more than just a toy; it’s an opportunity for children to explore, discover, and grow their knowledge about the diverse world of fruits. It’s a thoughtful gift that contributes to a child’s educational journey in a fun, interactive way.

Items:Wooden Plate, 6 pieces of background templates, a wooden spoon, a wooden tweezer, a bag of wooden fruits, multiple number foams.