Wooden Pull-Along Pink Bunny


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A playful toy designed to encourage the baby’s early steps and active play. Carved from solid wood and painted in a gentle pink, this bunny-shaped toy is both engaging and sturdy, perfect for the little hands of a child.

Two round wooden wheels attached at the base enable the bunny to glide smoothly across flat surfaces as the baby pulls it along using the white cord. The wheels are perfectly sized for stability and ease of movement, making this toy an excellent companion for both crawlers and walkers alike.

The cut-out design within the bunny’s body allows for an easy grip, offering an additional way for the baby to interact with the toy. It’s a simple feature that enhances the baby’s fine motor skills as they clutch and carry their bunny friend.

This pull-along toy is not just a play item; it’s also beneficial for the baby’s physical development. It promotes gross motor skills as the baby pulls the toy, walks, and balances themselves. It can act as a motivator for babies learning to walk, providing a sense of achievement as they pull their toy along.

The friendly face of the bunny, with soft features and a warm expression, adds a delightful touch, making the toy inviting and comforting to the baby. The pastel pink hue is soft on the eyes, fitting in beautifully with a variety of nursery themes.

An ideal pick for baby gifts, the Wooden Pull-Along Pink Bunny is both a thoughtful and durable gift. It is a toy that the baby can grow with, finding new ways to play as they develop. For those in search of gifts for newborns, this bunny ensures that the joy of giving is matched by the joy of the baby’s play and discovery.

The design is elegant and minimalist, which is appealing not just to babies but to parents who appreciate nursery items that are both stylish and functional. As a treasured item among a baby’s possessions, this wooden bunny is a classic toy that transcends trends and continues to be a source of joy.

Dimension (CM): 13.5 x 5.5 x 14.5