Wooden Whale on Wheels


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The Wooden Whale on Wheels is an innovative and charming toy that marries whimsical design with functional utility. Crafted from non-toxic wood, this rolling whale provides a unique play experience while also serving as an exceptional choice for gift-giving events like baby showers.

This toy takes the shape of a whimsical whale, complete with a cheerful facial engraving that offers a friendly appearance. The gentle curves of the whale’s body are smooth and easy for the baby to grasp, supporting the development of grip strength and coordination. The design is intentionally minimalist, ensuring that it is both safe and suitable for babies to explore with their mouths and hands.

Embedded within the whale’s body are three wooden rings, which slide back and forth along a secure dowel, producing a pleasant sound when the toy is shaken. This acoustic feature encourages auditory development and introduces the baby to cause and effect as they learn that their actions can produce sounds.

This Wooden Whale on Wheels is an ideal toy for sensory play. Its various textures and the simple sound mechanism provide a rich sensory experience. As the baby interacts with the toy, they refine their sensory perception and cognitive abilities, laying the foundation for future learning.

Beyond its play value, the toy is also a visually appealing object that would sit beautifully in any nursery setting. Its natural aesthetic complements modern, eco-conscious decor and serves as a lovely addition to the baby’s environment.

Dimensions (CM): 13 x 7.5 x 9