The Ultimate Baby Hamper Guide:

a rundown of what to buy for new parents

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Bring out the streamers and pop open the champagne, your friends just made a baby! If you want to show your support and give your best wishes to the new parents, nothing says it better than a baby hamper full of cute baby toys and accessories.

The PROBLEM is  how do you choose a suitable baby hamper?

And you’ve got to choose wisely because the kind of baby hamper you give says a lot about you.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular baby hampers you can find in Singapore and what message each of these might send.

5 Popular Types of Baby Hampers

Baby Hamper 1 - The personalised set of baby accessories

Baby Hamper #1 - The Personalised Set of Baby Accessories

You can make a generic set of baby blankets, towels, and pillows more special with simple customisation.

Print the baby’s name on all the merchandise, have them made in a certain colour, or make them follow a theme to suit any occasion.

Dinosaur prints, Hello Kitty themes, baby shark motifs— there are hundreds of ways you can customise your baby hamper!

Any way you do it shows you acknowledge the uniqueness of their little bundle of joy and adds a cool backstory to your gift.

What message does it send?

Personalising the baby hamper says you’ve thought about your gift very deliberately and didn’t just pick up the first or cheapest basket you saw.

It’s a testament to your relationship whether as long-time friends or close family and communicates the fact that you know each other very well, enough to give a bespoke gift.

baby hamper #2 - The congratulations mom and dad celebration bundle

Baby Hamper #2 - The “Congratulations Mom and Dad” Celebration Bundle

Flowers, champagne, and of course, good ol’ chicken essence are some options for baby hampers that are better appreciated by the parents.

Becoming a parent is exciting, but it also isn’t easy.

So think of this bundle more as an emergency kit.

Chicken essences, for instance, are popular baby shower gifts in Singapore. Parents drink them for those late nights when the baby wants to eat or needs a diaper change…for the sixth time.

What message does it send?

If you’re a fellow parent, this package says something to the effect of “Welcome to the club! You’re going to need this.”

If not, it shows you’re giving your support in any way you can for this journey they’ve just embarked on.

And you’ll be there to celebrate with them or give a hand all the way.

baby hamper #3 - The pragmatist’s all-organic parcel

Baby Hamper #3 - The Pragmatist’s All-Organic Parcel

A hamper full of no-tears baby shampoos, all-natural handmade soaps, gentle diapers and natural wipes, and organic baby foods is a practical gift for new parents.

There are tons of products in the market like these and it gets difficult picking and choosing and then repurchasing these things every month.

So it’s a big help for parents to get these types of bundles, whether they’re experimenting with different products or already have favourite go-to products.

What message does it send?

Gifting top of the line baby consumables shows you care about the baby’s health and wellness as much as the parents do.

And it’s especially thoughtful if you know the parents are health- and environmentally-conscious, vegan, or just care about that sort of stuff.

baby hamper #4 - The baby toys hamper

Baby Hamper #4 - The Baby Toys Hamper

These are the rattles and stuffed animals like baby elephants, candy-coloured bears, funny ducklings, and bright-eyed owls that are sure to keep the baby cosy in its crib at night.

The great thing about toys is that they can make the baby happy, which makes the parents happy!

Some of these toys might even grow old with the baby and stay by their bedsides for years to come.

What message does it send?

This hamper shows you care about the baby’s happiness, which is especially important for tired parents who just need a break from all the crying.

And if shaking a stuffed bunny can get the baby to stop and smile, then that’s definitely a plus.

baby hamper #5 - The baby toys hamper

Baby Hamper #5 - The Educational Baby Toys Hamper

Last but not least, there’s also the educational baby toys hamper.

These are the noisy toys that can be shaken or pressed to make sounds, activity toys that can be pressed, poked, spun, or rolled, and building blocks that can be stacked or knocked down just to name a few.

These toys take all the guesswork out of the baby’s learning journey and help facilitate their sensory and motor skills.

Not many vendors in Singapore offer educational toys that are deliberate for the age and stage of the baby’s growth.

In fact, Kaiby Baby Box is the only one that provides this kind of hamper!

Check out our baby hampers for different age groups:

By keeping babies busy with fun and engaging toys, you’re also keeping them away from the screen— which, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is highly recommended.

What message does it send?

Gifting new parents with a quality set of educational toys says you care about the growth and development of their baby. And you want to see that baby learn and thrive!

The Best Baby Gifts Send a Positive Message

The gift you give says a lot about your relationship with and well-wishes for the new parents.

So whatever baby hamper you choose, make sure it’s the one that sends your message best. After all, a generic gift doesn’t stand out or say much.

Becoming a parent is a big deal and picking the right gift is one way you can show your support and celebrate with the new mom and dad.